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Geospatial Data Collection & Extraction

It means those services of extracting and collecting geospatial data from various sources and through various tools and methodologies. Those services are including the following

Geospatial Data Analysis

Includes geocoding current and historical drive time analysis, spatial joins, and distance calculations. Taqnia ETS expertise and custom tools for creating a wide assortment of maps based on pre collected and extracted data.

Geospatial Data Visualization

It is the ability to discover and convey information and relationships visually. The increasing volume, variety, and velocity of data in recent years has only increased the importance of data visualization.

Taqnia ETS has extensive graphics and programmatic capabilities to visualize data on an ongoing basis. At Taqnia ETS we Developed and automate a visual analytics tool that enables users to interactively identify potential relationships in a complex network.

Services Operation & Management

Providing all required services to build, operate and maintain institutional Geo-centers and programs. Designed by SMEs, built to the industry’s highest standards, and operated with the best practices. The company provides a range of highly efficient support services for project management, supply chain, contracting, procurement services, recruitment services and commercialization, which are implemented by professional and experienced cadres, to ensure that its clients obtain integrated solutions that meet all their requirements and needs.

Consultation & Commercialization Services

The company utilizes its accumulated expertise and SMEs in presenting studies that explore the business case of commercializing the geo-based assets and data of its clients, additionally TAQNIA ETS provides its clients with the added value of specialized consultation services in its field of expertise.

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